« Help Yourself » action (Quetsches)

« Help Yourself » action (Quetsches)

« Help Yourself » action (Quetsches)

On 21 September, the Gaart Committee organised a public « help yourself » action to distribute quetsches.

On a beautiful sunny late afternoon, between 5:00 and 6:30 pm, we distributed two boxes of superb ripe quetsches directly in front of the entrance to our collective garden.

Among the lucky ones were families leaving the Maison Relais to go home, walkers and even a member of the crèche staff.

It should be remembered that this action was made possible thanks to the generosity of a resident of the Commune (Hostert), a neighbour of one of the members of the Gaart, who opened the doors of her garden to us and where we were able to make a miraculous harvest.

Through this action, we were able to achieve a virtuous circle of sharing for the benefit of the community. What could be more beautiful than this value of ‘sharing’, which is one of the founding values of our Aanwen’s Gaart project ?

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